Two Things To Consider About The Placement Of A New Pool

Posted on: 15 January 2018

It is the height of summer in Australia, and those homeowners who do not currently own a pool are now wishing they had one. You have decided that this is the year you will get a pool installed so your family has somewhere to escape next summer when the heat hits. You know the placement of the pool is a critical decision, and you want to narrow down your options before the pool builder arrives to discuss the installation. Use these points to help you decide where your new swimming pool should go.

Natural Shade

When there is plenty of shade over your pool, then you feel happier about your kids swimming in there when the sun is out. However, natural shade from trees throws pros and cons over your pool selection site.

Trees close to the pool provide the shade you need, but they also bring plenty of leaves and bark debris falling into the pool. This debris means you need a good cleaning and filter system in place to keep the water clean. 

If you choose a spot away from the tree shade, you get warmer water, which means you do not need to spend money on heating the water during spring and autumn. However, no shade means in the heart of summer; you expose your children to harsh sun rays. You will need to restrict their swimming time between noon and 3 pm to protect their skin. Your pool builder can give further advice on your trees and how they impact on your pool.


Another factor which impacts on the position of your new pool is how much you plan to incorporate the pool into your summer entertainment plans. For example, if you have a large back garden and you want to have lots of pool parties, then positioning the pool close to the house is perfect. Your guests will not have to walk too far to get to the pool, and you won't miss out on the fun as you gather catering supplies from the house.

On the other hand, if you want to keep the pool as something only for your family to enjoy, then placing the pool further away from the house means you have more options about where it should go.

Finally, remember that all pools require fencing under Australian law. Placing a pool near existing fencing reduces the amount of new fence you need. For example, if you use the existing fence on your boundary line to form two sides of the pool fencing, then you only need to pay for the other two sides of the fence to close the pool off. Your builder is a wealth of information on pool placement, so ask them for their opinions too.