Should You Bring Your Dog to Your Wedding?

Posted on: 5 February 2018

In theory, it might be a foregone conclusion that you will want to bring your beloved dog to your wedding. They're a member of your family after all, like a four-legged child. In practice, this idea might not be such a wise course of action. What are some of the factors you need to consider when you're thinking about having your dog at your wedding?

Can the Dog Actually Attend?

Some wedding venues might simply not allow dogs on the premises, unless the dog happens to be a registered service animal. It might be a matter of legislation or it might be the venue's own policy. There could also be restrictions on where the dog can go if permission is possible. For example, a dog might not be permitted in the venue's function rooms, which is problematic if you're having an indoors wedding. Before you go and make any grand plans, the first thing to find out is whether your dog will actually be permitted to be on the premises.

Will Your Guests Be OK with the Dog?

You need to clearly state on the wedding invitations that your dog will be in attendance. Some guests might have an allergy to dogs, or even a phobia. You need to allow them to plan accordingly.

Can Someone Watch the Dog?

Even the most well-behaved of pooches will require close supervision. Friendly dogs might become over-excited, and you need to reduce the likelihood of them running amok, however well-intentioned they might be. You don't want them getting in the caterer's way, nor do you want them jumping up at guests. You could either arrange for a pet sitter to supervise them on the day, or you can ask friends and family to take turns looking after the dog throughout the day, ensuring that the dog has ample toilet breaks and access to fresh water.

How About a One-Off Special Appearance?

Instead of giving your dog a starring role on the big day, you could restrict them to having a cameo. Rather than being there all day, a pet sitter could arrange for your dog to arrive at a key point on the day, namely when it's time for you to have your wedding photos. Your dog can feature heavily in these photos, making sure their presence is felt on your special day, without needing to be there all day.

While you might want to share the magic of your wedding day with your beloved dog, you need to consider whether it's appropriate.