Two factors to consider when hiring a marquee for your upcoming event

Posted on: 11 February 2018

If you have decided to rent a marquee for an upcoming event, here are two factors you should take into consideration before getting in touch with the marquee hire company.

The weather forecast

Before you choose a marquee, it's important to look at the weather forecast for the date on which you intend to host your event.

The reason for this is as follows: while all marquees will offer some protection from the elements, some are better suited for use in warm, windless conditions, while others are designed for use in storms and bouts of cold weather.

If your event is going to be held on a day which is forecasted to be dry and warm, then it is best to opt for a marquee with open sides, or one with 'walls' made from a very lightweight, breathable material, as this will ensure that the marquee area does not retain heat and become uncomfortably warm throughout the course of the event.

Conversely, if your event is going to take place on a day which is expected to be quite windy and wet, it would be sensible to ask the marquee hire company for a tent with thick, waterproof canvas walls and a sturdy, reinforced roof.

This will ensure that even if a storm hits during your event, the rain won't saturate the marquee (or the guests inside it) and the winds won't knock the marquee over.

The number of guests who will be in attendance

You should not choose a marquee until you know exactly how many guests will be attending your event. The reason for this is that, without this number, you could end up selecting a marquee which is either far too small or far too large.

If you rent a marquee that does not have enough space inside it for everyone you have invited, the tent may end up becoming overcrowded and stuffy, which could, in turn, leave your guests feeling very uncomfortable and unable to enjoy themselves.

If on the other hand, you select a marquee that is much too big, the space will look and feel empty, even after all of the guests have arrived. This could have a negative impact on the atmosphere of the event.

As such, it's important to make sure that you know how many people will be in attendance. The employee you speak to at the marquee hire company will then be able to accurately determine what size marquee will be most appropriate for your event.