• Should You Bring Your Dog to Your Wedding?

    In theory, it might be a foregone conclusion that you will want to bring your beloved dog to your wedding. They're a member of your family after all, like a four-legged child. In practice, this idea might not be such a wise course of action. What are some of the factors you need to consider when you're thinking about having your dog at your wedding? Can the Dog Actually Attend?
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  • Heading Overseas? Use Hotel Time As Learning Time For Kids

    Travelling overseas with children is a big adventure, and no matter where you are in the world, you can use every part of your journey as a learning experience. Sight-seeing is an obvious teaching moment, as you can impart information about history and culture. But, how do you use hotel time to educate your kids further? One way is to use the television in your hotel room, so consider your choice of programming when you want to teach your children something new.
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  • Two Things To Consider About The Placement Of A New Pool

    It is the height of summer in Australia, and those homeowners who do not currently own a pool are now wishing they had one. You have decided that this is the year you will get a pool installed so your family has somewhere to escape next summer when the heat hits. You know the placement of the pool is a critical decision, and you want to narrow down your options before the pool builder arrives to discuss the installation.
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